Minecraft PE Seeds

Three Villages Near Spawn, Abandoned Mineshaft – MCPE 0.11x

This amazing seed, with many thanks to “Marlon Saturn Venus Komuro”, puts you on a small island staring at spawn, straight at a cool little village with a river running through it. Some walkways connect you to the mainland. There is a blacksmith whose chest carries a few useful items (an iron sword, iron chestplate, and ingots).

Diamonds, Gold, Lapis, and Redstone (and more) – MCPE 0.11x

Every once in awhile you find a MCPE seed with a cluster of different ores all close to one another. This is one, and there’s a lot of variety and it’s easy to find. It’s all on the walls of a cave/tunnel right underfoot. Yep, dig under spawn, that’s where you’ll find all these ores: diamonds, gold, lapis, redstone and lapis.

MCPE Desert Village with Blacksmith – 0.11+

Alright, it’s another Epic Minecraft PE Fan seed submission. This one is a Minecraft PE desert village seed. Yes, there’s a blacksmith. What’s interesting on this seed is the blacksmith’s loot: iron armor. Nothing else. We can’t recall ever seeing a seed where the blacksmith had such consistency in their chest’s loot.

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