Minecraft PE Village Blacksmith Seed - Village

0.10x Blacksmith Village Spawn PE Seed

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This cool blacksmith village seed for Pocket Edition is another Epic Minecraft PE Seeds Fan submission. This 0.10x seed spawns you on the edge of a village that is set in a plains biome right where a not-so-extreme hill sits.

Part of the village is lifted up off the plains by the extreme hill including one small house that doubles as the highest point on the hill. The blacksmith in this village has some loot worth checking out: iron ingots, a saddle and emeralds (amongst other things). Beyond the cool village and insta-loot, there’s plenty of resources to get your game started including lots of soft rolling plains to build your empire on!

Thanks to Epic Minecrafter Erzatheawsome for submitting this cool seed!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: bruh

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 3032803

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14 thoughts on “0.10x Blacksmith Village Spawn PE Seed”

  1. There’s a really cool seed that I know of. It’s wolf. You spawn on a tree, and when u turn around, there is a pretty good sized hole. If you go into the hole,you’ll find any ore in the game. The farther back you go, the more ores you find.

    1. Bone is a seed I found blacksmith has an emerald and 3gold and there’s a desert temple a little out of the way of the village

  2. This seed is legit especially on survival mode. After quite a bit of exploring esp. caves I found: 4 monster spawners and 3 villages. Every ms had 1 or 2 chests of loot and all villages had a blacksmith.

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