0.10 River in Unending Jungle

0.10x Infinite Seed – Massive Jungle

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This 0.10x seed plunks you down in the middle of a dense jungle on a riverbank. Straightaway, if you want iron to kickstart your game dig straight under spawn. There’s no danger of a death fall or lava below. There is coal, then a few outcroppings of iron. Dig two blocks in every direction from any ore to make sure you get everything down there. Of course, the other jungle goodies are in abundance. You won’t have a hard time finding melons or cocoa beans. What you will have a hard time finding is anything but jungle. Give the screenshots a look!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: extreme

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 114727

This seed was submitted by an Epic user, and at first glance we wondered if we should post it. After seeing the sheer size of the jungle you spawn in, which is like nothing we’ve seen before, we decided it was definitely worth the post!

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31 thoughts on “0.10x Infinite Seed – Massive Jungle”

    1. It’s amazing. I found a sand pyramid I dug through the middle and I found a trail of redstone torches. I followed it and I came to 8 Gold Blocks, one mossy cobblestone and that forever burning block that was on fire! It was like some sort of temple!

      1. actually they are man. cocao are seed pods, apples can be considered seed pods, along with bananas, (btw yes before manmade genetic change, all bananas had seeds)

    1. One is cool it’s called “twins” without quotation marks. You spawn in a sand village half covered with jungle!👍🏻

  1. I now some good jungle seeds, a really good one is -183737370.
    But, it only works on 0.10.6. 🙁
    And there’s a mindshare and strong hold with a working end portal under spawn!

  2. Take it easy guys some people are new and you need to be nice. We have had enough of the cocoa

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