Mesa Biome Pocket Edition Seed

0.10x Pocket Edition Mesa Biome Spawn

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What’s better than a Mesa Biome spawn? A mesa biome spawn that also has an abandoned mineshaft (amongst other things). This is another great Minecraft PE Seed submitted by an Epic Minecrafter, Horrorchicken.

Here’s how Horrorchicken described the find:

You spawn right next to an abandoned mine, with a spawn chamber. Inside the chamber are two chests containing: wheat bundles, string, gunpowder, a bucket, an iron ingot, and some bread. Beyond the abandoned mine is a mesa with more mine shafts.

Sound good? Give it a shot. One thing you’ll see that we found to be really cool is the surface rails that are outside the Mesa Biome. Same goes for the abandoned mineshaft right by spawn. Thanks for the seed, Horrorchicken!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: its a moo

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -511137450

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  1. I find it easier to use the numeric version of the seed if you have a different version. Or the same for that matter.

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