Dungeon / Monster Room - Skeletons

0.9.0 Diamonds + Cool Mountain Village

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Diamonds under spawn is what you’ll get from this Minecraft  0.9.0 Infinite seed. Digging straight down you’ll find lapis lazuli, iron and coal, too. Careful, there are skeletons protecting the diamonds. To make sure you find the diamonds and emeralds be sure to dig out 2 blocks around any ore that you come across.

Right around where you spawn there’s also a cool mountain village. It’s at the foot of a mountain, and one villager has moved to the opposite side of the mountain along a river-like waterway. Enjoy the seed!

UPDATE – Emeralds and dungeon/monster room found with two chests: When you are in the cave system that is under spawn do take a few minutes to explore it. Within about 5 or maybe 10 minutes Epic user Venom13 found emeralds and a monster room with two chests full of booty!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: Velvet Elvis

Minecraft PE Seed AKA:-382546207

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35 thoughts on “0.9.0 Diamonds + Cool Mountain Village”

    1. Zoe – We’ll check it out! Is there anything cool at spawn point (village, wolves, etc.)?

    1. Bummer, Emma. We just tried it to make sure, and it’s what we got. ‘Velvet Elvis’ (without the quotes) as a Minecraft PE Infinite seed on 0.9.x…

  1. My sister and I love playing minecraft together am I can’t wait to try it out. Another good seed is pot22 ithe is a mooshroom world!

  2. Emma there is a cave I found on mega that has a mod spawned (skeletons ) and two chests. Lots of iron, too!

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