0.9.0 Huge Ice Spike!

0.9.0 Ice Spike Biome!!!

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The 0.9.0 ice spike biome! Of all the Minecraft PE 0.9.0 biomes, the ice spike has to be the hardest to come by. Luckily a fan submitted one and we took some time and toured the landscape, and what is under spawn so you know what to expect!

Straight under spawn you’ll encounter a variety of minerals including: iron, coal, lapis and redstone. Up on the surface… well… you’ll find what you’re looking for: ice spikes! There are tons of short ones and some incredible tall spikes, too. Check out the pictures below, and share the seed with your friends!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: 1402364920

Thanks to Venom13 for sending us this awesome biome seed!

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14 thoughts on “0.9.0 Ice Spike Biome!!!”

  1. Its awesome! Plus if you go straight for like a minute then you will find a plain-like biom and if you follow the plane green one you will find a village! Half summer like and half frozen! BEST SEED EVER!!!!!

  2. When you spawn, go into the woodsy part aways and you’ll find some wolves, and their babies

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