Abandoned Mineshaft Seed

0.9.0 Island Seed w/Abandoned Mineshaft + Ores

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This Minecraft  0.9.0 Infinite seed sets you on a small island in a huge body of water. Dig straight down from spawn and the fun starts. Not too far below ground you’ll fall into an abandoned mineshaft. You’re not far from gold at this point! And, there’s also iron, redstone and emeralds down the same shaft.

Explore the mineshaft a bit – you won’t find gold yet, but there is coal. Keep digging down, underneath that spawn point, and you’ll hit gold! When you dig out around the gold you will break through to another mineshaft where there is more gold! If you continue digging down, you’ll hit iron, redstone and emeralds!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: cyan

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18 thoughts on “0.9.0 Island Seed w/Abandoned Mineshaft + Ores”

    1. When you drop into that cave, don’t stop – keep digging straight down. You’re only a few blocks away from the mineshaft… It’s there (just checked to be sure)!

  1. In the second mineshaft, the one you end up in if you keep digging down from the first shaft, there’s a monster room. I found it after minimal poking around — walk straight from the spot where you drop inside, turn right and follow the rails past a small lava flow, and voila. The entrance is on your right and it’s completely blocked of by a wall of cobwebs, but you can faintly see the spawner and the spiders inside. There’s no chest or anything, unfortunately, but if you dig to the right at the back of the room there’s another shaft with a little gold. There’s also some iron hiding in the walls of the room and gold ore in the ceiling.

    This is both the first mineshaft and first monster room I’ve ever been in, so I don’t know how cool it is in comparison to others. Just thought I’d let you guys know about it.

    1. Jennq – it’s a 0.9x PE seed set on infinite. And, no one mentioned anything about a village, so if that’s what you’re looking for you won’t find one! The cave is straight under the spawn point. Just verified the seed again and it is as we posted before. Sorry it isn’t working for you…

  2. I dig throuhg a cave then i fall down the i just found lavaand i dig and i found a bedrok and i brake it and i died this seed donsent serve

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