0.9.0 MCPE Jungle Biome Seed

0.9.0 Jungle Biome Seed

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In Minecraft PE 0.9.0 jungle biome seeds are a bit hard to come by. If you haven’t been in a jungle yet, one of the coolest things to check out is the vines. They’re not just for looks. You can climb up them, too! One more thing – there’s great stuff under spawn!

At spawn you’re right in the middle of the jungle. If you dig straight down you’ll find a lot of minerals. Use this tip: Always dig at least 2 blocks away from any ore or mineral you find and you’ll find it all. Under spawn there is iron, coal, lapis and DIAMONDS! The seed is an infinite seed and only for those with the 0.9.0 update or better (it won’t work on the 0.8 versions of MCPE).

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: Apple99er

Thanks to Sir Seed for tipping us off to this cool seed – the first jungle biome seed we’ve posted!

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25 thoughts on “0.9.0 Jungle Biome Seed”

    1. Alex: Right above the images it says: Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: Apple99er – (the seed is Apple99er)…

  1. Hey guys im a minecraft pe player and I got a seed thee seed is MINECRAFT PE ROCKS remember its in all caps

  2. Hi guys I’m ruben and I have an awesome seed the seed is :creative: underneath your spawn is an gold mine this cave is massive I found 17 gold ores in 6 minutes somewhere in their is diamond trust me this seed is awesome.

    1. There is this one sees its APPLE PE ROCKS all caps,,, there’s is packs of wolfs and the trees are really high ,,, u should try it😋

  3. I can’t find the diamond. How deep do you have to dig to find it? Or is it in the cave? PLEASE REPLY

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