0.9.0 Seed Village at Spawn

Two Villages and Cave with Waterfall Under Spawn

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Spawn on this 0.9.0 Seed and you’ll be right by not one, but two villages. One of the villages is a desert village, too. Since this is an infinite seed, we kept is simple, only surveying right around spawn.

What did we find beyond those two villages? Well, the first thing we did was dig straight down. When we did, we fell into a cave that has a waterfall in it as well as coal and iron to get you started. Up on the surface we flew around and found some amazing land masses including (what we assume is) an extreme hill that has a massive waterfall. Huge mushrooms are nearby as well as some jungle landscape. Check it out!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: plz plz plz poop

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