Lava Pool on Savannah Map

0.9+ Village, Savannah Spawn and some Lava, too

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This 0.9+ seed has you spawn on the edge of a savannah right near a village. The terrain is pretty cool (especially if you’re looking for a savannah seed). You’ll find pools of lava, water, grasslands… a little bit of everything. Digging straight down from spawn you’ll eventually fall into a cave system.

The cave system is pretty big, so be sure you have torches for when you fall into it. You’ll find underwater waterfalls and lava flows and several different kinds of ore when exploring the cave system. On the way down, before you fall into the cave, you’ll encounter some coal and iron, too. Enjoy!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: medical mekal

Thanks to Muhammad A for submitting this seed!

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