Minecraft PE Floating Island - Another Side View

Whoa! Wicked Floating Island Seed!

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Check out the big floating island hovering over the map in this cool seed. Enjoy!

Minecraft PE Seed: its a pig

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19 thoughts on “Whoa! Wicked Floating Island Seed!”

  1. I couldn’t find it….. The update is currently 10.0 and it spawns me on some islands. I wish the description of where to find it was better.

    1. Sorry Ashlyn – unfortunately, this is a 0.8 seed, not a 0.10 seed. We’re going to move the tags that state the MCPE version closer to the title so it is more obvious in the future.

  2. It doesn’t work I tried and tried looking for it but it wasn’t anywhere in my world. It is a 10.5. Sorry. But I have an idea for another seed, if u can find it, to have an epic house already made 4 u. It would be awesome!

    1. This is a 0.8 Seed – So, no, it will not work on later versions of Minecraft PE. If you were running that old version it would work fine 🙂

  3. It dosent work!
    I spawn on an Island in the middle of the sea and it dosent have a floating island!

    1. I’d bet it is because you aren’t running 0.8 as that was several versions ago. We haven’t seen any floating islands like this since 0.9, and this seed specifically, as marked, is a 0.8 seed…

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