Extreme Savanna Mountain Village!

Best Minecraft PE 0.10x Seed Ever?

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This has to be one of the best Minecraft PE Seeds for 0.10x: An amplified savanna with two incredible villages, each with its own stronghold. The seed was submitted by Epic Minecrafter Cr8rR8r (Thanks Cr8rR8r!). After some quick Google searches, we found a great YouTube video where the seed is reviewed by Nexy who credits Boltingthunder with this best-of seeds find. The game starts on a savanna beside an amplified extreme savanna hill that is the home of the villages.

Try the MCPE seed in creative first so you can get a lay of the land, so to speak. When you spawn, turn straight around to face the savanna’s extreme hill. Fly up and you’ll see half of one of the villages on the top of the mountain. The views are amazing, and how this piece of the village is perched-on and built-into the landmass is awesome! Follow it around and down the other side and you’ll see the other half of the village. It’s hard to explain only in writing, but if you continue flying around and to the right you’ll come up on the second village. It, too is both on the savanna floor and embedded into the hillside.

Minecraft PE 0.10.x+ Infinite Seed: 1408106526

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

This second village has a blacksmith who has (amongst other things) an iron pickaxe and iron sword. If that wasn’t enough, beneath both of the village wells you’ll find a stronghold, too! Search a bit and you’ll find chests to raid and eventually the End Portal (look out for Silverfish)! This is definitely one of the best Minecraft PE Seeds we’ve seen in a long time. Check out Nexy’s video below or over on YouTube! What do you think? Is it the best or one of the best you’ve seen?

MCPE Seed Video by Nexy

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64 thoughts on “Best Minecraft PE 0.10x Seed Ever?”

    1. Sorry it’s not working for you! We just tried it and it worked fine. First, be sure you’re using a seed that works with the version of Pocket Edition you have (this is usually the reason why people try a seed and think it doesn’t work). Second, if you are running the right version of Pocket Edition (0.10 in this case) make sure you didn’t enter the seed wrong by accident. If you’re sure you did everything right, please let us know what specific version of Minecraft PE you’re using and on what platform (iOS, Android or WindowsPhone) so we can try to replicate it. Hope this helps – if it doesn’t, please do let us know your version and platform so we can try it!

        1. I know – you have to spawn and go straight there and try to put the fire out before it burns the place down!

        1. @Samara – on this site the seed is always just above the gallery of images in big bold text. For this one, it is:


          Have fun!

    2. I putted the seed right and when i got in the world, there was snow everywhere you looked, i’m using my Lenovo to play Minecraft

  1. Below the dungeon with the spider spawner in the first village is a mineshaft that at the very least has iron and coal. I haven’t explored it to much with the other things in there. There is also lapis lazuli below the first village as well. Just thought you might want to know if you didn’t already.

  2. Also try 3799157835 it has 21 villages, you can find the first 8 really easy and the rest are far away. My brother found 43 villages exploring for a tree days i got bored thats why i dint explored more. And all the villages has mineshaft under the weel. Sorry for my bad english, i am mexican.

  3. This seed is frickin awesome. I like took out all the mountains separating the two villages and connected them. I put up lights and more buildings it looked just great. Sadly not to long ago a accendently deleted it ;-; R.I.P awesomeness.

  4. It worked for me and I found a Skeleton dungeon, several loot chests, and the End Portal. The seed has nice terrain, and I also found a mineshaft! I am now exploring the seed away from the spawn.

  5. Hey this is Dark_Angel_1133 and I have NO IDEA how to post a seed on here but I have an awesome one please look at my comment it’s IRDCA and you spawn on a grass island and then you can explore a little bit and try NOT to find the mushroom biome 😀

      1. @Dark_Angel_1133 – Thanks for sharing that seed. We’ll check it out! For submitting MCPE seeds in the future, check out our MCPE Seed Submission Page. We get lots of submissions and mix them in with the original ones that we find. Thanks again!

    1. It’s not that complicated,it’s close to the well underground. It was one of the first things I found.

  6. Hi Botch,

    I think I might have missed something in the discription, but how do you get to the stronghold?

  7. Opposite the first village there is a mountain. Mine through it to find an abandoned mineshaft. Also cross the river a fall int the cave. With a bit of exploring you can reach the mineshaft. In it there is a bit of lapis lazuli, some gold, iron and a lot of rails.

    1. You dig really far under the well so you take a bucket and empty all the water ( i suggest that you do this on creative and then switch to survival) then u face the blacksmith and in the back right corner you dig really far until you get down to the stronghold.

  8. Straight across from the first village there is a mine shaft. The cave that leads to it is at the base of a plateue and farthest to the right take it down and find the mine shaft. If you dig through a few walls you will find emeralds and diamonds!

  9. Darn, just submitted this seed. Looks like someone else got to it first! Oh well. In the portal room in the second village, carve out the left wall and it leads you to an abandoned mineshaft.

  10. In between the first and second villages the path between the two mountains there’s a Ravine that I found there’s a woodland mansion at these coordinates -25366 65 -21489
    /to -25366 65 -21489 is how to teleport to the woodland mansion
    Also if you are an android person use the Crafting and Building app you will get the corral reefs, ocean ruins, ocean monuments, ravines, dessert temples, dessert wells, tropical fish, nether fortrees, end citys, woodland mansions, shipwrecks, also can change your skin, download worlds and right down the seed before you create the world, you can get packs when you get the free Crafting and Building app.

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