MCPE 0.11x Village

Best Minecraft PE Seeds – July 2015

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The numbers are in, and the Best Minecraft PE Seeds for July are ready for your review. What’s cited as the Best Minecraft PE Seeds this month? They’re all 0.11x seeds — it seems like most all players have made the switch to the latest cut of MCPE. Villages are definitely in the mix, and Minecrafters are also after MCPE Seeds where they can get fishing fast. Check out July’s Best-Of:

The Best Minecraft PE Seeds for July 2015

#1: Village Well Reveals Abandoned Mineshaft, Dungeon [MCPE 0.11x]

MCPE 0.11x Village

#2: Fishing Village Island Seed – Minecraft PE 0.11

MCPE 0.11x Island Fishing Village Seed from Above

#3: Cool Minecraft PE 0.11 Fishing Seed [0.11.x]

MCPE 0.11 Seed: Fishing Boat Island
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