End Portal in Stronghold

Best Minecraft PE Seeds – March 2015

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The Best Minecraft PE Seeds for March, 2015 are here! With the next version of Pocket Edition right around the corner, it’s no surprise each of the best seeds is for version 0.10 this month. All three have villages, too – another trend we’re seeing lately. Here they are:

The Best Minecraft PE Seeds for March 2015

#1: Cool NPC Minecraft PE Village Seed [0.10x]

End Portal in Stronghold

#2: Best Minecraft PE 0.10x Seed Ever?

Extreme Savanna Mountain Village!

#3: Minecraft PE Triple Village Seed

Minecraft PE Triple Village Seed
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27 thoughts on “Best Minecraft PE Seeds – March 2015”

    1. There is this one stronghold seed that sucks because it spawns you on a village building but the stronghold at the bottom of the well has no end portal!

  1. Hey, does anyone else think the devs should add painted brick? It would be cool. I also have a seed for 0.10.4- Oggie loves me.

  2. Try johnny appleseed it spawns you next to a village and there are multiple villages but make sure to block up the lava in one of the houses or it will burn the whole thing down, there is also pre-planted carrots, potatoes, and wheat everywhere.

  3. Hey does anybody remember the nyan seed? If so do they know a seed that is an infinite version of it, if so, please tell me

  4. Try 1409144877. It’s a very Cool seed. Mobspawner and desert Temple! But the tempel is a little far away

    1. Hey try the seed noobie it has a cool village and if you cross some extreme hills, you will find a snow biome where you’ll find two igloos but the igloos is a bit difficult to find.
      only in 16.0+

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