MCPE 0.11 Seed: Fishing Boat Island

Cool Minecraft PE 0.11 Fishing Seed [0.11.x]

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Minecraft PE 0.11 is finally here, and with boats and fishing finally in the game, we thought the right way to kick of seeds for this latest version would be with a seed that was good for both. This MCPE seed has two villages on a nice island (we call them fishing villages because they are waterside), making the perfect seed for both boats and reeling in some fish.

Open up 0.11, put in the seed (mosquito) and when the game starts spin yourself around. You’ll be able to see a village directly across a minor waterway on a neighboring island. This (big surprise) is the first village. The second village is on the opposite side of the island. It’s well into the ocean, too. Both of the villages have blacksmiths. Between the two of them you’ll end up with 2 helmets, an apple, more ink sacs than anyone would ever want, and a bit of bread. Not the greatest loot in the land, but this is about fishing and boats, so get to it. You’ll also get a look at the grass paths (pressed dirt) that have replaced the old village gravel paths.

You’ll find what you need to get your fishing pole made and to fashion a boat as there’s trees in sight of both of the fishing villages (between them actually). Enjoy – and let us know what else you find!

Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: mosquito

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -178240625

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33 thoughts on “Cool Minecraft PE 0.11 Fishing Seed [0.11.x]”

  1. Yeah there is actually four villages. One is in the direction you spawned and if you have your render distance set far, from spawn point you can also see a desert in the distance. There is a sand village there as well. Both have blacksmiths with better loot than the others. In the sand village there is some iron armour, apples, bread and inc sacks. In the other there is some gold ingots, a saddle and an iron pickaxe.

  2. Best village world I’ve ever seen with three villages I’ve seen so far… Though I’ve heard rumors about there being a 4th village…

  3. I have been playing on this seed for a while and decided to do some exploring. So far i have located 5 villages in total on the seed. If the spawn direction is labelled north, west is the island where the two main villages are. From the spawn point head south and slightly east and after passing a lagoon you will find a desert village. From the spawn point head north east and you will locate another village with two ‘book rooms’. From this village head west over some extreme hills and continue to find another village. Whilst these villages are partially destroyed they all have blacksmiths with chests. Some of these chests contain gold and iron ingots along with iron armour, apples, bread, ink sacks, saddles and some iron tools.

  4. in the caves in the small forest hill on the village island I found a skelly spawner with okay loot in chests

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