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Cool NPC Minecraft PE Village Seed [0.10x]

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Looking for a NPC Village Seed for Pocket Edition? Look no further. This cool Minecraft PE Infinite Seed is for versions 0.10x. This great seed has it all at spawn: two villages, the first with a blacksmith with really good loot. The second, which is beside the first, lacks a blacksmith, but has a stronghold (with end portal) beneath it’s well!

The see was submitted by Epic Fan Shezrie (thanks Shezrie!). Here’s what you’ll find in Shezrie’s words:

Right as you spawn you can see a house on the far left of the screen . That is the first village with a blacksmith. On my Kindle Fire HDX I found iron, emeralds, a saddle, an iron sword and apples in the chest.

If you stand at the bottom of the well of this village and facing the blacksmith, select the bottom right hand corner block and dig straight down and you will land on the edge of a lava pit, cross it and continue keeping to the right and very close by is 6 diamonds.

Right behind this regular village is another village, a sand village this time with no blacksmith. Unfortunately this village appears to be a ghost village. I found just one villager here. But down the bottom of the well in this village is a stronghold.

I also dug down under the stronghold and found 2 more diamonds and lots more to explore in the caves under there.

All within steps of spawn. Edit: I did a search and as far as I can tell I cannot find this seed ‘money maker’ posted anywhere.

Shezrie played on a Kindle Fire HDX. We verified the seed on the latest version of the iPad Air. As expected, the seed is exactly as described (as it should be). We were able to verify everything Shezrie mentioned and have screenshots below to back up the seed description. We also couldn’t find a Pocket Edition seed called ‘money maker’ (all lowercase) online. Check this one out!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: money maker

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 1074879716

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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71 thoughts on “Cool NPC Minecraft PE Village Seed [0.10x]”

      1. I have the rarest seed ever.It includes:

        5 desert temples with AMAZING loot

        9 villages all with BLACKSMITHS!

        17 dungeons below with great loot

        2 strongholds

        The loot included are 64 iron ignots,54 diamonds,12 iron pickaxes,15 emeralds, 2 cakes and 2 stacks of bread!


  1. This seed didn’t work for me. I am playing on an iPad 4 generation and it spawned me in a field of solid dirt. I dug down and saw nothing but stone.

    1. I’ve searched for 15 minutes for the Stronghold, but there was no Stronghold. My friend said the same thing!!!

    1. Mark where you have been with torches and you’ll find it! Just check every hallway and behind every door!

  2. If you find the weird square room of wood planks and dig straight down from the middle there are 8 diamonds

    1. You need eyes of ender crafted from one blaze powder under a enderpearl(your version needs to be 1.0.0+)After you crafted about twelve eyes on ender,Place it on the floating blocks around lava.There will be a black thing where the lava used to be.Jump in the middle and you will find your self in The End.Good luck!!😎

    1. You can dig at the bottom of the well and then look up and plug the hole so you don’t drown. You could also start digging holes beside the well going straight down so you don’t have to deal with the water. There is a chance you’ll miss the stronghold, but you can always go up to the surface and try digging on a different side of the well until you eventually hit it.

  3. There is a cool cave next to the desert village well. Also if you go to the left side of the first village you can find 1 exposed coal ore and a deep ‘crack’ in the land.

  4. awesome
    I hope portal works soon
    I found 7365diamonds, 8578489iron ingots, 75263823765283465cobblestone
    my chests are overfilling
    so cool
    I also have 347835 spiderwebs
    54328563465 library blocks, 34752345278923465238945mossy and non mossy stone bricks
    also 4352734952743975 obsidian, 2145189742652345982364756234 end portal blocks
    I duplicated all of them
    with a hack
    I also found a seed where end portal works in pe version
    couldn’t get it though:(
    all my worlds featured seed except that one
    too bad
    hopefully another hack will give me the seed:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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