Larger Bryce Biome in the Mesa Biome

Deep Ocean Bryce Mesa Seed – MCPE 0.11.x

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This MCPE 0.11.x seed spawns you on a Plains Biome on the edge of a deep ocean directly beside a Mesa Biome that includes Bryce formations. The ocean and flat, green plains make a great backdrop for the mesa and nearby Bryce Mesa formations. From the game spawn point, it’s easy to get to the bryce mesa biome. (If you’re looking to learn more about MCPE Biome’s, try here:

Rotate to your right when you spawn and you can’t miss the Mesa Biome – it’s right there beside you. If you travel down the side of the mesa that borders the plains biome you’ll quickly come up on the first Bryce biome. This is a smaller portion of Bryce features, and a relatively small one. Continuing down the the mesa for just a few minutes will reveal a much larger, more interesting Bryce Biome.

Take a look at the screenshots below to get an idea of what you’ll find on this 0.11.x seed. And, while there is no value we could find, if you dig straight down from the spawn point, you’ll find a dungeon with a skeleton spawner. Unfortunately, there’s nothing waiting for you beyond a battle – there is no chest of loot to gain. Our advice: stick with the cool Bryce Mesa Biome on the surface!

Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: lololl

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13 thoughts on “Deep Ocean Bryce Mesa Seed – MCPE 0.11.x”

  1. I found a dungeon (spider), a mineshaft, diamonds, lapis, gold, and redstone all under spawn in a massive cave!

    1. Wait, the mineshaft was just VERY SMALL. I only saw the cobwebs and saw the wood. While discovering, I just saw that it was just a few wood planks and a few wood fences.

  2. Um Wehen i Downloaded this it wouldnt let me go on the World i edleres it Trend it Alain but this Time My Game Crashed and it wouldnt not let me Play Mineralreich for Two months

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