Desert Village - Stronghold Below!

Desert Village has Blacksmith, Stronghold

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This desert village 0.9x infinite seed that has a blacksmith (and chest loot) as well as a stronghold beneath its well was submitted by an Epic user. From the spawn point there’s a lot close by. As far as the terrain goes, there’s plains, mesa, and desert. Within view of spawn, looking toward the mesa you’ll spot the desert village. Locate the blacksmith in the village if you’re interested in emeralds (and some not-so-rare food). Then, get to the well, swim to the bottom and dig. You’ll quickly find yourself on stairs that spiral downward into the stronghold!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: legend of luuc

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -1203891859

We looked around and this see isn’t new to the Minecraft community. It’s posted all over the place. It’s hard to tell who found it originally. Regardless, one of the earlier places it can be found is on a comment thread on Minecraft PE Cheats.

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60 thoughts on “Desert Village has Blacksmith, Stronghold”

    1. The seed is

      Legend of luuc



      Once u spawn u need to fly around the clay thingy to find the village

      1. Right. I found the village but the weirdest thing I ever seen is the rail… Who lives there actually. This is getting creepy. And no villagers are at the village.

  1. the stronghold has too many passages and so many chests too but i got lost and don’t know where the entrance was ,under the stronghold was a huge lake of lava

    1. I found a rail and there’s a doorway…. I thought. 💭 was someone live here? And there’s a village… But no one there. My version is 0.15.0

    1. Joshua: couple of things – First, be sure that you’re on 0.9 – this is a 0.9, not a 0.10 seed. Second, if you are on 0.9 and created this as an Infinite Seed, could you please let us know what platform (iOS, Android, WinPhone) you are on, what version you’re using (0.x.x) and which version of the seed you tried (text:legend of luuc or the numeric version of the seed). Thanks, and let us know if we need to look into it further!

    1. Are you sure you’re running the right version? We ask because this is a 0.9 seed, not a 0.10 (the version that has been out for months now – we’re almost to version 0.10).

    1. Also I forgot that it had TONS of gold when I went to a cave o.O I barely find diamonds! I started to feel that Gold is more common in this seed than diamonds and emeralds. (not the exception of iron and coal.)

  2. I found it. Did you look behind you? I spawned in a grass planes and when I looked behind I saw the Mesa the village is on the other side of the first mountain!
    Good luck!

  3. it a cool seed and i know how to cheat to get unlimited resources you go in to creative then put down on the floor what ever u want after that u go out of that world press the edit button press survival (make sure u put wood and cobble stone down so u can mine iron diamond emeralds and gold) and keep on doing that until ur happy if u thatnks my answer is no worries

  4. Another good seed is seecret Friday type it like that. I know other awesome village seeds I will give them to you if you follow me on Pinterest. My name is grace jones with a picture of art work for my profile pic. Thanks!

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