Desert Village Seed

Desert Village Next to Jungle

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You’ll spawn on the edge of a jungle and there is a desert with a village just a few steps away! As you walk to the village (you can see it through the trees at spawn) you’ll transition into a desert. If you explore in the direction opposite of the desert village you’ll find some incredible jungle views.

If you’re wondering what is right under spawn, we have the answer for you: not much. If you want to find some ore, see some underground waterfalls and lava flows, and if you look hard enough, come across an abandoned mine shaft, enter the cave entrance that is on the edge of the village between the desert and the jungle (you’ll walk right by it if you go to the village straight from spawn). We poked around the cave system for about 15 minutes and found gold, redstone, coal, iron and diamonds without too much trouble.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: twins

Thanks to Venom13 for letting us know about this seed!

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47 thoughts on “Desert Village Next to Jungle”

  1. Got the world mineshaft is huge goes on for miles desert village got it where abouts are the other villages.

      1. Mason – Sorry it isn’t working for you. Just tried it again and it worked fine. PE 0.9 (any version) as an infinite seed…

        1. It worked and if you go away from the forest and into the desert you will eventually hit a safari and hit a village in it

          1. Wow! That’s awesome! We only post about the thing we can find right new spawn (so it’s a fun, easy start to the game). But wow, 8 villages – that is awesome Mason!

  2. I spawned on creative, explored around the are and found about 6 more villages within a short distance.

  3. This seed is good choice for make a treehouse coz have a good items,farms and vines for climbing trees

  4. The cave near is really good and a zombie spawner and then a dungeon with a spider spawner lots of ore big sand village near at spawn and lots and lots of other villages ????????????????

  5. Iam playing on MCPE 0.13.0
    i searched every where i used xray. And still no dungeons
    It is very hard to obtain levels without a mob grider

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