Diamonds, Iron Under Spawn

Diamonds, Jungle and Swamp [0.9x old seed]

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Fun 0.9 old seed. Straight under spawn there’s diamonds, iron and redstone. Getting the ore is the same as we’ve always recommended. Dig 2 blocks in every direction from the ore you find and you’ll get it all. On the surface this world has a few biomes packed into it. When you spawn you’re at the intersection of a swamp, a jungle, and a birch taiga.

There’s river running through all the biomes, separating some and splitting others. We were disappointed at the lack of clay in the swamp (unless we missed it somehow). The other two biomes are what you’d expect. The jungle is very dense and has a good number of very tall trees and the birch taiga has enough birch to cut down to make whatever you need to get things started.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Old Seed: junior

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -1148843863

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  1. I know if u put the seed -114…and tuch the old buton u will find a cool village whith flowers everywhere

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