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About Epic Minecraft PE Seeds

Minecraft Pocket Edition, The Video Game (for iOS, Android and Windows Phone)

This website is for players of the runaway hit video game Minecraft, created by Markus “Notch” Persson. From 2009 Minecraft was published by Mojang, a Swedish company, until 2014 when it was announced that Mojang, and along with it all of its video game IP would be sold to Microsoft. Minecraft began as a video game for computers, finding it’s way onto the Mac, PC and Linux platforms. Later in life, the Pocket Edition emerged, first for Android and iOS, then more recently for Windows Phone.

Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition is very similar to playing the video game on a computer. There are the same two basic game modes, survival and creative, that then get more diverse when considering the different types of world gameplay such as combat, building, mining and exploring. Not all aspects of the video game are in parity with their desktop counterparts. There are small nuances, such as the lack of a feature, brewing is an example, on Pocket Editon. The disparity between Minecraft and Minecraft PE narrowed considerably in 2014, and the possibility of the games reaching parity seems plausible. More about Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Minecraft PE Seeds

Seeds are a concept in Minecraft, whether the desktop or mobile version of the video game, that come into play during world creation. When the player starts a game, they have the option of supplying a string of characters that will be used as the basis for the world’s creation. If another user plugs that same seed into the same platform and version of the game, the world that will be created will have the same terrain and features. One things world creations seeds aren’t good for currently is creating the same world map between the desktop version, console version or mobile version. Each has nuances that prevent the seeds from working on the different platforms.

This site focuses solely on the Pocket Edition, and more specifically seeds for the Pocket Edition of the game. The world generation seeds on this web site are discovered by us, or are reviewed when submitted by site fans. We do our best to provide a wide variety of seeds to allow everyone to find something that they can take and immediately go have a great time playing the game. Now go get one and play the game!

Minecraft PE Seeds for all Updates/Versions of Mojang's Pocket Edition Game for iOS, Android and Windows Phone