Mountaintop Overhang

Sky Scraping Extreme Hill, Deep Gorge

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This is one of the most pronounced and dramatic gorges (or canyons) we’ve seen in 0.9x. The infinite seed spawns you in a tree next to extreme hills that reach up as high as the cloud layer. Through the mountain system there’s an extremely deep, sheer gorge that plummets back to the ground where a river is running at the bottom of the void.

Some of the extreme hill faces are bald while some are extreme hill taiga biomes with varying tree types and ferns. At each end of the gorge/canyon there are mountaintop overhang formations, too. Digging directly under spawn you’ll fall into caves as you’re digging down. The second reveals a cave system that has easily findable and mineable surface ore including gold and lapis lazuli. You’ll also be able to armor and arm yourself with iron plate and weapons as there is no shortage of surface iron and coal to smelt it. Waterfalls are also very common in the caves as are lava flows when you reach the deeper depths.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Infinite Seed: plumb

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 106767694

Tell us what you think of the seed (and what you found that we didn’t)!

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18 thoughts on “Sky Scraping Extreme Hill, Deep Gorge”

  1. A really good infinite seed for diamonds under spawn is:
    bees, bees, bees, bees!
    (With exclamation mark) you spawn on the edge of a jungle and when you dig below your spawn point you’ll find about five pieces of diamond ore below you – but be careful as there is lava next to you. It’s a huge cave system which you’ll find more diamonds in, plus heaps of other ores too! The cave has massive water and lava falls! This seed has a lava fall on the surface quite far away from the spawn point but is massive so worth a look if you’re into that stuff! Have fun 😀

    1. Another good seed is extraterrestrial. You spawn next to a desert, but you have to turn around and walk away from it until you see a pond with two trees next to it. Then get up the hill in front of you and now you’re in the taiga. Here, the caves barely scratch the surface, but are full of coal ore. After, keep walking until you see a giant archway thing, so walk through it, and you’re in a swamp biome.

  2. Also I just went searching a bit more around the lava fall and there’s a plain full of flowers! I’m not sure what you call this haha but it’s really pretty! Annnnnd when my iPad glitched (while looking around the flower plain) I saw there’s an abandoned mineshaft under one of the hills there! Sorry this probably won’t be much help because it’s not a step by step guide to find it but I thought I’d share :))

    1. That sounds coo! A seed you might want for a plains biome is Alps, but it only works in 10.4. You spawn in a mini-forest thing, and behind you, there is HUGE plains biome with a few pumpkins. Also, there is a really cool twisty river.

  3. I followed the river at the bottom of the gorge all the way down.
    Keep following it and the gorge ends but the river doesn’t.
    When the gorge ends keep walking/flying in the same direction and to your left you will see a village!
    I checked out the blacksmiths chest and it has three emeralds in it!!!
    It has some other stuff too like an iron pick axe, some ink sacs and some obsidian.

  4. Another seed: ftif. In this seed, there are a bunch of islands to explore. P.S, you’re in a giant ocean.

  5. Jeez, I loaded in with the natural texture pack and was outright shocked at the drop only four blocks away. True, it was creative mode, but I was startled

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