Many Floating Islands - One Seed

Many, Many Minecraft PE Floating Islands

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In Minecraft PE, floating island seeds are one of the coolest things there are. Get ready for a whole lot of cool in this seed!

There are floating island seeds that have bigger floating islands than this one, but we’ve yet to see a floating island seed that has more floating islands than this one. At some point, you’ll just top counting there are so many! The islands are close to mountains with big overhangs and a generally awesome landscape. Try it: you’ll like it!

Minecraft PE Seed: srm

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18 thoughts on “Many, Many Minecraft PE Floating Islands”

  1. I have a good seed. It’s called myhamsyerlikeschocolate. It has extreme hills and a small overhang. Under the spawn point is a big pool of lava with redstone and lapis lazuli. Dig to the right of the redstone and there is a little room with lava and iron.(you might end up in the small room first, if so, dig to the left of the redstone and you’ll find yourself in the big lava room). Btw, it is myhamsyerlikeschocolate.

  2. Im DanTDM biggest fan $_$%_% 2×5=10 O_O U_U SOT……………………………………

  3. What the seed srm does not have in floating islands, it makes up for pools of lava. I counted at least 20 just flying around.

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