Dungeon - Mob Spawner

Flower Forest, Cave, Dungeon w/Spider Spawner

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When the games starts you find yourself in the middle of a flower forest. If you explore (close) around the hilly area you’ll find a cave entrance (see photos). Descending into the cave there’s a lot to explore. You’ll likely come across spiders from a dungeon/monster room that has a mob spawner in it.

There is one chest in the dungeon. It has string, wheat, bread and some iron ingots. We didn’t explore too much further into the cave, so if you do, post below and let everyone know what good ore you find. As far as digging under spawn, we did do that, but didn’t find anything worth talking about.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Infinite Seed: razor

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 108291918

If you find precious ore (or anything else notable) let us know in the comments!

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22 thoughts on “Flower Forest, Cave, Dungeon w/Spider Spawner”

  1. I found another cave with a zombie and skelton spawner. It was right next to a pool of lava in a different biom

  2. No wolves that I could see but loads of cows and sheep etc… Really good for survival especially if u make home in a tree. Loads of ores down the huge cave system too moslty coal though. I found 3 spawning spiders and 1 zombie and that’s just near the spawning point. Real good .. Lots of stuff right next to the spawning point

  3. Another seed is .You spawn by a river,cross the river and there is a flower biome!I hope you add it to your website!

  4. A great seed is 509179724
    When you spawn in spin around and you will see a cave go around it and follow the clearing until you come to a river cross the river and there is a village w a blacksmith and in the chest is a iron sword 1 gold ingot an iron chest plate and two iron leggings

    It is also a good seed for a roofed forest

  5. I found abandon mineshaft a spider spawner a skelenton spawner and a zombie spawner ores= coal iron redstone lapis diamonds and emerald found a strong hold on the surface I found desert with temple found a village a Savannah and I found a jungle amazing
    I can’t believe it

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