MCPE 0.11 Seed - Mesa Cave with Waterfall

Gold Rich Mesa Biome MCPE 0.11 Seed

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Playing Minecraft 0.11 and looking for a mesa biome seed? Well, we have one right here. This MCPE seed was submitted an Epic Minecraft PE Fan and you spawn right in front of a Mesa Biome. When the game starts, you’re on the edge of a river staring right at the gold-rich Mesa biome.

Exploring the mesa we found many caves with surface gold. Digging yielded more gold ore, too. The mesa spans for many blocks, and has some other cool features right near the spawn point like a surface lava pool an many small to mid-sized lakes scattered on the mesa’s surface.

Hungry? Fish in the river before exploring the rest of the 0.11 seed or catch a few in the mesa’s pool. We’re still amassing and counting how much gold we can find. Let us know what else you come across in the seed!

Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: didi

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 3083210

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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11 thoughts on “Gold Rich Mesa Biome MCPE 0.11 Seed”

  1. When you go in the cave you make a right where you will enter a small hall with a dead end. At the end you will find some coal and above the coal is some granite break away the gravel and you will find some more gold. I just find this and going back to explore.

  2. I totally love this seed there is gold at every corner.I collected more than 64 gold blocks and even more it freaking amazing.

  3. Hi I found another gold rich cave with mine cart paths and monster spawns. Just type in “hawaii” for the seed and look through all the caves in the Mesa area until you find the endless one. There is lots of iron, coal, and gold, but mostly gold – more than 200 blocks from what I found in like a half hour. Also random chests with stuff inside

  4. If you look around, I found over 10 desert temples with A LOT of diamonds and emeralds. Also there are about 5 villages fairly near with blacksmiths and one of them has a stronghold under it! There are both mesa shafts and regular shafts around with a lot of gold and iron and lapis and redstone. I’m sure there’s more but that’s what I’ve found so far.

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