Cave Diamonds, Gold, Lapis, Iron, Redstone

0.9+ Huge Mesa Biome w/Awesome Ore Stash

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This seed spawns you a top a huge mesa that spreads out in all directions. There’s rivers nearby that cut through the landscape creating a canyon effect. Exploring around the mesa biome you’ll find ore that comes right up to the surface, mainly coal and some iron. You’ll have to search for it, though. Under spawn there’s almost every ore you could want.

Digging straight down you’ll fall into a shallow cave with a good spread of coal on the floor. Light some torches and get ready for some mining. Here’s the count: 39 coal, 26 lapis, 9 diamonds and some iron, too. Now, to get all that, you have to use the advice we keep giving: when you find ANY ore, always dig 2 blocks in every direction (up, down and beside) to make sure you don’t come across more. Beyond the big pull from the cave, you can explore the cave and find more iron, coal, and yes, more gold – you’ll see it sticking out of the floor, walls and ceiling. We mined for about :15 minutes after cleaning out the first area and found a handful of diamonds and gold, so it’s definitely down there.

Did we get the count right (of ore)? Find something we missed? Let us know below? Like the seed? Tell us by sharing and liking – it helps us know what kinds of seeds to look for and share!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: mymonkeys

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34 thoughts on “0.9+ Huge Mesa Biome w/Awesome Ore Stash”

  1. I checked the seed “mymonkeys” and its the seed with all of the ores. I also minned furthor into the cave, and found a total of 20 diamonds, not 9. Hope thay helped!!!!!

  2. It looks epic I didn`t try it out yet beacuse im at my grandma`s but i will try it when i get home!

  3. I am on 0.10. I spawned in water, when i dug straight down i found no cavern i only found lava pools that almost got me!

    1. As this is a 0.9x Seed it’s not surprising that it didn’t give the same result in 0.10x. Either way, thanks for letting us know.

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