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Huge Mineshaft Under Spawn

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Looking for a huge mineshaft? Here’s an easy one for you. This seed spawns you directly above a two caves when you dig down. The first cave will quickly lead you to an abandoned mineshaft. When you reach that first cave, do a quick survey of the connecting tunnels and rooms and you’ll see the mineshaft.

If you continue to dig down you will hit another cave. Following the tunnels and connecting chambers to this cave you’ll find that the cave system is quite big.  This seed was submitted by an Epic visitor, Minecrafter NICKY on one of our stronghold seeds. We only dig relatively close to spawn as we try to provide seeds that deliver results fast – right when the game gets started. To that end, we did find a ton of iron and coal. We also came across a few veins of gold. That’s what we found.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: Episode 3

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -437498066

The submitter of this infinite pocket edition seed, Minecrafter NICKY, says he dug out more – a lot more. Here’s what he had to say:

Use the seed “Episode 3” underneath the spawn is a mine shaft and further down is a cave. Inside of the are spawners, over 2000 coal, 940 iron, 150 diamonds, 1300 red stone dust, 320 gold, infinite obsidian and (ironically), 0 emerald. The totals may be higher but I searched for 5 hours so i’m pretty confident. The biomes you spawn in are, Mega Taiga, Plain forest, And Mega Spruce Biome. There id a nearby River gorge with many mountains along it and the seed is just plain awesome. You admins on this site please accept this seed or at least check it out!

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    1. Are you running version 0.9.x? The current version of Minecraft PE is 0.11.0 – this seed is tagged 0.9.x.

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