0.9+ Island Seed

Island with Abandoned Mine Shaft… Roofed Forest Nearby…

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Another 0.9+ see where you spawn on an island. If you tunnel straight down from spawn (after cutting yourself down from the tree you spawned on top of) you’ll fall into an abandoned mine shaft. Explore around and you’ll find plenty of ore.

Up on land the closest neighboring island has a roofed forest biome – plenty of trees for tools and torches there! It’s just a quick swim across the water. Poking around that island you’ll notice some of the huge mushrooms you’ve heard of, too. Come to think of it, you’ll probably want to swim across and get some wood and supplies before digging down into the mine shaft so you can get out. Have fun!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: 3602383

Thanks to AwesomeTNT for sharing this seed!

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5 thoughts on “Island with Abandoned Mine Shaft… Roofed Forest Nearby…”

  1. It’s awesome, I found enough supplies to even make a nether reactor and found 25 diamonds in total so far, there’s this huge cave across the water where there’s the roofed forest, you just have to stay on the left coast (your left when you swim through the ocean to get to the roofed forest) and you keep walking until there are those huge montains, when you see a waterfall that spreads quite widely under a mountain, it’s the huge cave.
    It’s easy to get lost in that cave, so find some ways to find your way around (I have a code with torches). There are a lot of diamonds there and I found a lot of gold too, countless redstones and same for lapis-lazuli, I’ve even come to the point where I ignore most of the iron.

    1. Your comment is awesome! Thanks for sharing what you’ve found and how you’re playing this and other seeds… You definitely are a real fan 🙂

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