Minecraft PE Abandoned Diamond Mineshaft

Jeb’s Abandoned Diamond Mineshaft [MCPE 0.10x]

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Playing around with 0.10 seed names this morning we randomly tried “Jeb Who?” Why? Because, who is Jeb REALLY? What do we REALLY know about him? Ok, enough being silly. But, yes, we did use that as the seed name. What we ended up finding: an abandoned diamond mineshaft in the tunnels beneath spawn. Check it out!

On the surface the landscape is pretty cool. We’re not going to talk too much about that though. When we spawned, we dug straight down. Eventually we fell into a cave system. Exploring all of the cave tunnels we first found plenty of iron (ok, great). Next, we started seeing surface gold along with iron ore (not bad). But then, as we got closer to bedrock exploring one of the tunnels we came across an abandoned mine – and a really good one at that!

We have to declare this an abandoned diamond mine because the most prevalent ore we saw exploring it by far is diamond ore. We also found lapis more than a few times, more iron, gold and redstone. Check this out. Then, ask yourself: Who is Jeb? Really? Maybe just a cool guy we should always give a big thumbs up for helping make Minecraft PE great. 🙂 Hey, why not click over and give him a “thanks!”: Jeb on Twitter

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: Jeb Who?

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -1894558086

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        1. We’re playing around with the alpha until it gets stable and will post 0.12 seeds after it is available to all. Stay tuned!

  1. What but i looked everywhere and then i found 2 tunnels underground and 3 iron ores so i didn’t find it plz tell me where it is

  2. If u keep walking straight from spawn point looking left of the island in front u will find a village

  3. I dug straight down, found a cave, explored it, then found monsters in CREATIVE and in the settings, there was no difficulty.

  4. there is also a keel ton spawner near the mineshaft with 1 chest full of string, gunpowder, bread, whet, and a bucket

  5. Go to the first tunnel you find. Walk around and find some surface gold. If you dig through that (3-4 blocks) you’ll find a dungeon with two chests and another cave system. Hope you find it!

  6. Yes l found it whan I created the world I dig down and I found a cave I so the chast and the monster spawner ye ha

  7. You have to dig underground till you reach a break in the wall. Then keep walking through the hole and you will reach a canyon,fly over that and you will have reached Jeb’s diamond shaft

  8. Jsyk, if you continue to dig straight down after you see the first cave, you’ll hit water. Keep going, and there are eight diamond ores.

  9. Although, if it doesn’t work for you, dig down all the way to bedrock, fill the hole with tnt. (You guys know the rest) you will find lava and water at bottom and a few diamonds and gold. Hope this helps

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