The Jungle and Mesa

Jungle and Mesa Neighbors [Temple, Mineshaft] – MCPE 1.0

This seed puts two of the most interesting biomes, a jungle and a mesa, right next to each other. These biomes have quite a few resources to help make surviving and thriving easier, and the jungle temple and abandoned mineshaft add to that. There’s no shortage of places to explore or items to collect on this seed.

Minecraft PE 1.0.X Seed: -1245080464

When you spawn you’ll be in the jungle, but more jungle is to your left and the mesa is to the right. Take your pick on what to explore first.

The Jungle and Jungle Temple

Jungle biomes themselves will give you the resources you need to survive. They have food in the form of melons and cocoa beans. You can get plenty of building materials from the tall jungle wood trees. (You can even build a safe treehouse on top of the leaves.)

The Jungle
The Jungle

They also have a rare mob that you can’t find anywhere else. The ocelot is a tamable cat that will follow you and will help ward off creepers.

This jungle spawned with a temple. If you follow the edge of the water as you walk to the left along the jungle, you should see a cobblestone temple. Each jungle temple has two chests. One is on the second floor but can only be revealed through levers on the bottom floor. The second is on the bottom floor past two traps.

The Jungle Temple
The Jungle Temple

If you can get to both chests alive, you’ll be able to collect iron ingots, gold ingots, and iron horse armor.

The Mesa and Mineshaft

When you go straight across the water to the mesa, not only can you begin exploring this interesting biome but you can also explore the mineshaft.

The mesa biome is full of colored clay that gives it a unique look. Mesas are also the only biome that you can find gold at any height or depth. As long as a cave has stone in it, you have a chance of finding gold.

The Mesa and the Mineshaft
The Mesa and the Mineshaft

They have abandoned mineshafts on the surface. (As you can probably tell by the obvious mineshaft on this seed.) Even though they’re made of dark wood instead of oak and come out on the surface, you can still find all the elements of a typical mineshaft. The cobwebs. The rails. The many twisting tunnels, and best of all, the chest minecarts.

This abandoned mineshaft has several chests out in the open to start with. Keep exploring deeper to see how many others you can find.

This seed has plenty to see and do. See what all you can discover for yourself!

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