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Large Village – Blacksmith has Saddle

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After a quick walk from spawn you’ll be at a large village. Of course, it’s two villages that are joined together. Both of those villages have blacksmiths, and they have some pretty good loot in their chests. One chest has obsidian, iron leggings (two pairs), an iron pick and a sapling. The second chest is the more interesting one. This blacksmith has some food (bread and apples), an iron ingot, an iron helmet, iron leggings and a saddle!

The loot makes this a great starting point for the game. The village is located on a river bank, and there’s plenty of wood in the area as well as animals. As if that wasn’t enough, right under spawn you’ll find a cave with some gold in it (as well as iron and other common ores), too. Enjoy!

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: FROYOYOLO

Minecraft PE Seed AKA:-1069205006

Let us know what else you find below in the comments section! Thanks to Epic fan Paige for submitting the seed!

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70 thoughts on “Large Village – Blacksmith has Saddle”

    1. Jerica – Sorry that you’re having a problem with the seed. We just tried it over here. You have to be using Minecraft PE version 0.9.0 through 0.9.5, and you have to create the seed as an infinite seed (as opposed to an ‘old’ seed). The seed is FROYOYOLO (all caps). When you spawn, walk straight ahead. The village will be visible within a few seconds (it’s that close). Hope it works!

          1. Not working! Please help! I walked straight ahead for ten minutes and no village.

        1. Tyler – Sorry to hear that! I just tried the seed to make sure there wasn’t a typo or anything and it worked fine. To be sure, it’s a 0.9 (any version) infinite seed. -Botch

    2. I cheated and teleported to the nearest village, but the loot there was 1 diamond, 3 gold, 3 iron, some bread and apples, and a golden horse armor, it was good loot, but no saddle 🙁

    1. It does say that it is in the tags at the bottom of the post, but we will change the seeds and make sure that all new seeds say it right where the seed name is. Great idea and thank you!

    1. Sorry to hear it’s not working for you… Just tried it again and it worked fine. To be sure, this is an infinite seed, not an ‘old’ style seed. And, if you’re entering the number (as opposed to the word (FROYOYOLO) don’t forget the minus sign.

      1. What’s the point if saddles they’re useless in pocket addition right now sorry for the rude comment if you take it as a rude comment…

      1. You need to have too many items installed to make it work. It’s a add on or mod for mcpe. It’s the best addon for mcpe. You can ride pis fly in survival. Google it

  1. I also tried it… Didn’t work. I agree with Jerica Sager. It’s really rude to post stuff that isn’t true, because it just gets people all exited for nothing.

    1. Jessie – this works fine for many people. It might just be you doing something wrong. Watch what you are saying to other please. Be cool.

  2. It worked for us, we had to use the numbers though instead of the actual name. My 8 year old son was very excited! He’s trying to ride a pig now! 😉

  3. You guys have to type the number in, then go left at spawn. It works! Except my entire village burned down because of the lava at the smith shops…they really need to fix that bug.

    1. In all the talk regarding the next update to Pocket Edition nothing has been mentioned about being able to ride horses in the game. Hopefully that will come soon – who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us!

  4. Hey, do you have any seeds with a village, a ravine, saddles, and a large amount of animals? In MC PE version please, and just in case include the seed for MC PC version. thanks for ur help!

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