Minecraft PE Seed - Lava Cave!

Lava cave MCPE seed with no exit inside mountain [update: DIAMONDS!]

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Lava flow… inside a cave. That’s right. You spawn inside a mountain completely underground (no natural exit) right beside a lava flow that lights up the cave.

The best seed in the world? It’s a long known, and much loved seed. If you don’t know it, get ready for a cool spawn. Does the name live up?

UPDATE: Thanks to the comment by Supercrafter below, because we all now know… There’s coal, redstone, and most importantly, diamonds if you dig one block to the left, then straight down, from the spawn site. See Supercrafter’s comment below!

Minecraft PE Seed: bestseedintheworld

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5 thoughts on “Lava cave MCPE seed with no exit inside mountain [update: DIAMONDS!]”

  1. If when you spawn you move left one block then dig straight down to bedrock you will find iron. If you dig around it you will find coal, red stone and DIAMONDS!

    1. Dig out first – dig through the cave walls to the outside, find what you need, then go back into the cave!

    1. Hi Candace – This is a 0.8 seed – are you playing 0.8 or 0.9+ (it doesn’t render the cave in 0.9+ – seeds are completely different)…

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