The Loot Seed [Desert Temple and Mineshaft] – MCPE Seed 0.15.0

As far as appearance goes, this seed isn’t very special. Just some desert, plains, and forest biomes. However, this seed holds potential underground. With both a desert temple and an abandoned mineshaft, there are sure to be plenty of chests full of loot.

Minecraft PE 0.15.0 Seed: -1227232569

The first thing you should do before going on your search for the temple and mineshaft is to mark where you spawned. Better yet, marked where you spawned and what direction you faced. This will help when navigating later.

After you’ve done that, go to the river that was behind you when you spawned. Follow the river to the right as it flows between the green biomes and the desert. When you hit a fork, keep going right. After the fork, there’s an “S” shaped bend. Once you’ve gone around that bend, go into the desert. You’ll see the desert temple not far off.

The Desert Temple
The Desert Temple

Inside the temple, if you remove the purple clay in the center you can see down into the hole. You’ll see four chests and a stone pressure plate. If you’ve never looted a temple before, let me give you some advice. Don’t step on the pressure plate, or everything will explode.

The Temple's Loot Chests and Trap
The Temple’s Loot Chests and Trap

So find some way to get down to the chests and disarm the pressure plate, and then you can enjoy the loot. You’ll find a diamond, a few enchanted books, and seven gold ingots inside the chests.

The Abandoned Mineshaft

This next part is why marking your spawn point is a good idea. To find the abandoned mineshaft, you need to go back to the spawn point. From that point, head straight into the desert you were facing when you spawned. (You should have plains and forest on your left and desert on your right.)

Keep going straight until you cross a river. Right there in plains patch should be a hole in the ground.

The Hole in the Ground
The Hole in the Ground

Once you drop into the hole, go into the cave on the right. If you continue through the one block wide slit with a tiny waterfall, the cave will lead you to a drop with a waterfall descending into it. Go to the bottom. When you mine into the one block opening on the wall, it will lead you into the mineshaft to the right.

The Beginning of the Abandoned Mineshaft
The Beginning of the Abandoned Mineshaft

The best part of abandoned mineshafts are the minecart chests you can find through the tunnels. These chests often hold rare ores or other valuable loot.

The Mineshaft's Loot Chest
The Mineshaft’s Loot Chest

Explore the mineshaft for yourself and see how many you can find!

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