MCPE 0.10x - Mushroom Island and Mooshrooms

0.10x Seed: Rare – Mushroom Island Touching Mainland

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An epic MCPE seed from an Epic Minecraft PE fan! It’s something you don’t often see: a Mushroom Island Biome that is attached to the mainland! Here’s what the Epic fan who submitted it had to say:

Did you ever dream about mushroom island? Because I did. I found this island yesterday. It’s connected with taiga biome. It’s medium, and there are a lot of mooshrooms there. Enjoy! – Ami

Thanks for sharing this original seed, Ami! And, that taiga you speak of, it’s actually even better, it’s Taiga that quickly turns to Mega Taiga the Mushroom ‘Island’ Biome is attached to on the mainland. Adjacent to the Mushroom Island and Taiga Biomes is a Swamp Biome, too. When you spawn, it’s at the intersection of those three unique Minecraft PE landscapes.

Digging beneath the surface we found iron. Lots of iron. You’ll hit a patch shortly after digging under the spawn point. Then, you’ll fall into a cave structure which we didn’t find laden with precious ore, but instead with iron and coal. We didn’t diverge much down the shafts and tunnels from directly under the spawn point, however. We maybe explored a hundred blocks in each direction. Like Ami said, Enjoy!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: 1417267005

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40 thoughts on “0.10x Seed: Rare – Mushroom Island Touching Mainland”

      1. Hey I just found a new seed! If you go to and dig straight down from where you spawn you will find an abandoned mine shaft!!!!!

  1. It’s awesome! Only issue is that since the mushroom island is connected to the taiga, the purple mycelium is going to slowly spread and take over the entire terrain, eventually. I blocked mine off by digging down to stone and making a cobblestone barrier all around, and it seems to be working okay so far. Also, there is a flower forest biome, bigger swamp biome (there’s a small swamp near spawn point), and a jungle biome, all within exploring distance!

        1. Hard to describe… From spawn point, go across land, away from swamp and away from mushrooms, into taiga area. If you go at a certain angle far enough (maybe 2-3 minutes of walking through taiga) you’ll end up on the border of the jungle. It’s a pretty massive one too, has a village, and has a Mesa biome next to it if you follow the coastline. Really awesome seed!

    1. only spreads on regular dirt so maybe a grassless savannah would be in danger but not those

  2. It had a masive cave under taiga biome, if you explore.That cave aslo had a lot of ore like diamons,gold,…everything!its such an awesome seed

  3. Been exploring this seed for a few weeks now, and there is SO much to discover. You spawn on the borders of a Mushroom biome, a mega taiga biome, and a little swamp biome. If you head straight back, following the taiga forest, you can reach a massive jungle biome (with village), a Mesa biome beyond that- near a savannah biome, a bit further away, you will find a flower forest biome, extreme hills biome, plains biome, desert biome (with village), birch forest biome, covered forest biome, and a larger swamp biome. Very cool seed!

  4. On 0.10.4 unlimited I got huge mushroom biome with tons of mooshrooms. And out in the water there is a sand cobblestone island just far enough to build a bridge too or swim

  5. This didn’t work for us in update 0.11. The game hung up in the process of creating the world in both Creative and Survival. dang!

  6. If you guys go to and dig straight down from where you spawn you will find an abandoned mine shaft!!! I discovered it myself!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hey, guys! Enter the seed stud! It’s a great place for multi-player hide and go seek!

  8. Also type in witch! Lots of moutains. You can carve in your house INSIDE a mountain if you want!

  9. Also do the seed Emerald Ore! (type it in exactly!) there is a sandstone village if you keep running right! Lots of potatoes!

  10. I don’t know why but when I spawned in l walked FOREVER trying to find a giant mushroom but I did not find a single one so it was just like a huge plains biome but instead of grass it was myciliome (sorry it’s not right spelling). It still turned out pretty well, I built a HUGE village out of different types of mushroom blocks!

  11. found an awesome cave system, and theres a few mob spawners, a skeleton one and a spider one.also, theres a lot of places with diamond potential in this particular cave system. the mycelium is taking over the taiga and the mega taiga biomes, though.

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