Minecraft PE Ice Spike Biome Spawn

MCPE 0.10x Ice Spike Spawn and Dungeon Below

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The game starts this MCPE 0.10x seed beside a rare ice spike biome. If you want a quick start, grab a weapon and dig straight down from the spawn point. You’ll arrive at some iron, and the giveaway for a dungeon, mossy cobblestone. The mossy cobblestone reveals a dungeon with a zombie spawner and two chests in it. The chests have four iron ingots, wheat, two buckets and some gunpowder. You’ll have to kill off the zombies to get it though.

Up on the surface you’ll notice that you’re near the ocean as well as some mountains (extreme hills). Arriving at the mountain we found a huge passthrough cave which is definitely worth checking out. It’s also pretty cool how close the ice spike biome is from the water’s edge. This is another seed that was submitted by Epic Fan Axtonbeast. Thanks for the submission! Axtonbeast says the seed also works on 0.9x. We haven’t tried it yet, but if you do let us know if it works!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: HEROBRINE4

Minecraft PE Seed AKA:-1181998786

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23 thoughts on “MCPE 0.10x Ice Spike Spawn and Dungeon Below”

  1. Wait where is the seed name idk what to put in to the seed box so like could someone help me I don’t know the seed name seriously what’s the seed name?????

  2. Azhar, you can’t make seeds. If you want that sort of thing I would suggest a Spongebob mod.

  3. Hey I have a seed for u its called…..
    It spawns u on a island with sugar cane
    And in front of u is a spruce forest
    And if u go left u will end up on a small plain keep on going left till reach a forest a go back a few paces turn around and u will see a big jungle 😀

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