Deep Ocean Mesa - MCPE 0.10x

MCPE Deep Ocean Mesa Seed [0.10x]

Here’s another original Minecraft Pocket Edition seed from Epic Minecraft PE Seeds. This time, we’ve got a deep ocean mesa seed that is absolutely beautiful. We don’t have a handful of dig locations, or directions to a massive village or anything. We’re posting because it’s simply cool. A great Minecraft PE world. Take a look!

When the game starts you’re on an island surrounded by deep ocean. You may not be able to see it depending on your view distance, but you’re right by a mesa biome that juts out of the deep ocean. It’s connected to the island you’re standing on, too. Whether you’re in creative mode or survival mode, head inland with the ocean to your right and you’ll start seeing the mesa biome poking up out of the ocean. There’s even some Bryce mesa in there, too.

Just a great looking deep-ocean game start. Enjoy!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: HULK ANGRY

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -2147422291

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