MCPE Desert Village Seed

MCPE Desert Village with Blacksmith – 0.11+

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Alright, it’s another Epic Minecraft PE Fan seed submission. This one is a Minecraft PE desert village seed. Yes, there’s a blacksmith. What’s interesting on this seed is the blacksmith’s loot: iron armor. Nothing else. We can’t recall ever seeing a seed where the blacksmith had such consistency in their chest’s loot.

Blacksmith Chest inventory: 1 Iron Chestplate, 2 Iron Leggings, 2 Iron Boots

This seed was submitted by Epic Minecraft PE Fan that goes by the name SilentButLethal. The description was short and sweet: Village, blacksmith. At least it was accurate! Beyond the village (which is right up the river, clearly visible from the game spawn point) there’s a nice landscape to explore.

The game starts on the banks of a river in a plains biome with good resources within view to get the game started..

Thanks again to Epic Minecraft PE Fan SilentButLethal for submitting the seed. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Let us know what you find!

Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: 1909

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