MCPE Ore Seed - Diamonds, Lapis, Gold, Redstone - 0.11

Diamonds, Gold, Lapis, and Redstone (and more) – MCPE 0.11x

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Every once in awhile you find a MCPE seed with a cluster of different ores all close to one another. This is one, and there’s a lot of variety and it’s easy to find. It’s all on the walls of a cave/tunnel right underfoot. Yep, dig under spawn, that’s where you’ll find all these ores: diamonds, gold, lapis, redstone and lapis.

To give credit, this was an Epic Fan Submission by someone who didn’t want to provide their name (unless it really is ‘hello’) 😉

Regardless, type in the seed and mark the spot directly underfoot. You’ll want to dig right here, but of course will want to get some wood before the dig. Now, dig straight down. On your way down you will pass some coal and iron (helpful for tooling and what’s to come). When you fall into the cave/tunnel try both directions until you see what is in the game screenshots below.

Do you have a Minecraft PE seed with epic resources right by spawn? submit the seed, we’ll give it a look!

Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: 118334

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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25 thoughts on “Diamonds, Gold, Lapis, and Redstone (and more) – MCPE 0.11x”

  1. It works but when I dug straight down from spawn I missed the tunnel. Once I dug up and around I found it.

      1. I dug straight down , and you have to dig the dirt from under you twice , mark it with dirt (Stack it on top each other.), get wood , make the items you need,you’ll find a tunnel with to open areas , go to the tunnel where water is coming towards you, and block the water , the get the diamonds and redstone.(I found it like this)

  2. Wow. this seed was great. i just followed the dig 2 in every direction rule. Found at least 30 something gold, and a bunch of redstone. Wish I could post the pics.

  3. I walked some ways away from my spawnpoint dug down found a huge cave lit some parts up with torches and found a mineshaft dropped down under it found at least 4 emerald ore and some diamond ore.

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