MCPE - Fishing Village Cave Entrance Beside Lampposts

MCPE Fishing Village Seed

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Ok. We can’t fish YET in Pocket Edition, but we still like to call villages like this one fishing villages. They sure look like them! Where is it? When the game starts, you have two basic options – head out to sea, or turn around and head inland. Head inland. If you trudge straight up the middle or walk the coast to your right after you’ve started heading inland you’ll see the fishing village. There’s a blacksmith that has a gold ingot, an iron ingot, bread and 4 obsidian blocks in their chest. There is more to collect nearby, too. Look for a cave entrance that is right on the border (it’s beside a sidewalk) of the village where the lampposts are.

Explore that cave. We found a good amount of gold, iron, coal and the occasional diamond. It’s definitely worth spending some time down there mining out even just the ore we found on the cave walls and tunnels. Another cool feature of this seed is that the exploration to other islands is fun, too. Where you spawn, there are a few coastal sand bars and smaller islands. When you’re at the village, if you swing in the same direction the dock (in the same picture as the lampposts and the cave entrance) is pointing you’ll arrive at a forest biome when you reach the other side. We found a nice village deeper in the woods over there, too.

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: ioi

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 104451

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39 thoughts on “MCPE Fishing Village Seed”

      1. Anthony, it says “Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: ioi” right above the gallery of images… ioi… all lowercase…

    1. It’s right above the gallery of images…:
      Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: ioi
      The numeric is: 104451

  1. Wow cool seed a little longer walk and there are two caves I noticed when I fell down a giant hole LOL. There is no blacksmith but it’s still a pretty cool seed. There is lots of animals and the village is mostly underground. I think it’s a pretty good seed.

    1. Jillion I got no village under ground I got the village that is shown…
      What’s with that????????????

    1. Awesome seed Yo
      I think it’s good for servival
      I found a cave with a dead end and turned it into a secret room

    1. It should be good for Minecraft 0.11, too (will test it on the Beta tonight) which would make it truly a fishing village!

    1. I tried Nether and you are not kidding.I love should try this though it has a castle.652638933

  2. Walk the opposite way you spawned not to the end of where you spawned where you see a sand area.walk the other way and fly up high and have your render distance all the way on.then walk forwards and you will see a little end of a village trail then you will see the houses.
    Boom you should be there.

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