Minecraft PE - Frozen River and Ice Spikes

MCPE Ice Spikes Seed

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This Minecraft PE 0.10.x seed features an ice spike biome not far from spawn. From game start, 3/4ths of the land around you is in cold biomes – mainly ice plans with limited cold taiga. There’s frozen rivers throughout, too. The remaining 1/4 is a highly hospitable plain with threes bordering on forest. Finding the ice spikes isn’t that difficult. We would, however, suggest trying on creative mode before doing so on survival (especially if exploration frustrates you).

Getting to the ice spikes isn’t difficult. Try this in creative mode: When the game starts, fly straight up and gain some elevation so. The one clear landmark on the snowy plains is a bluff that juts up from the plains holding an elevation higher than most anything else you’ll see on the plains. Closer to you, to the right there are lower formations that look like very soft hills, almost looking like compressed mesas as their tops are flat. Set a course to fly directly over those soft hills and you’ll soon see cold taiga appearing to the right of a frozen river. Stay on the same course (don’t deviate when you see the cold taiga) and you’ll fly smack into the ice spike biome. If you’ve been flying more than a few minutes you’ve gone too far. Give the in-game screenshots a look below. There is one titled Bluff and Soft Hills. It will help you get your bearings.

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: dqdd

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 3090893

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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      1. There are spikes you have to look this is ONLY am MINECRAFT PE seed if you spawn in there up down side demeding on your angle if you go straight I think you’ll find a river follow that and you’ll see spikes NOTE: Creative would be best because you can flyh

  1. As I was flying around, I noticed a section with white-leaved spruce trees, but I lost it. Any clue as to where it might be?

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