MCPE 0.10.x - River, Forest, Taiga and Mountains

MCPE Iron, Gold, Lapis and Emeralds in Caves Under Spawn

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Fun MCPE 0.10.x world that generates with you standing above a fruitful cave system. From game start, dig straight down and you’ll come across a couple of cave entrances. At the first one, explore some of the tunnels and rooms and you’ll find coal, iron and gold (depending on how far you venture). Digging further down you’ll find a second dave. This one will yield lapis lazuli and emeralds not far from the entrance you’ve dug out.

The lower cave system also has good outcroppings of coal and iron. Both will likely have more precious ore than what our limited survey found (we didn’t follow every tunnel to its end. When exploring the first, you can end up in the second, so if you find everything in a long exploration of the first cave, consider yourself loaded up. Up on the surface you’ve got a few biomes represented: forest, taiga, river and mountain (extreme hill). It’s a beautiful landscape that the game generated, too. Enjoy it!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+ Infinite Seed: spun

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 3537334

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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12 thoughts on “MCPE Iron, Gold, Lapis and Emeralds in Caves Under Spawn”

  1. Hey! Big bug here! I can mine emeralds with a stone pickaxe. Found this out because my little sis did it. Can you report it to the devs? I don’t have twitter so I can’t. Thanks!

  2. Thx for sharing this amazing seed with ppl i’ve found 10 emeralds there and im still digging!!

  3. I dug straight down to the bedrock layer, and didn’t find a thing! I spawned, got a stone pickax, went back to my exact spawn point, and dug, but found NOTHING!! Did I do something wrong?

    1. Also, my spawn looks nothing like the images. Do you think my recent update doesn’t have that?

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