Village Blacksmith - Leggings, Gold, Apples +

MCPE Village Seed [0.10.x]

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Here’s another MCPE village seed for 0.10.x. The game starts on beach on the shore of a deep ocean biome. The majority of the landscape astride and inland is plains (at least what is visible) or forest. If you move inland, straight over the immediate embankment on the plains you’ll quickly find the village. The village is a complete Minecraft PE village with several buildings including a church, blacksmith and of course, a well.

The village blacksmith has some good kit to get things started: iron legging, two gold ingots, three apples and a couple of ink sacs. The forest beyond the village should give you a lot of resources. It, and the plains that were between the spawn point and the village, are riddled with cave openings. All that we checked were dead ends, but some did snake around with tunnels and the occasional exposed coal or iron block. All-in-all a good seed to get a good survival game started.

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: POW POW

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 328932432

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11 thoughts on “MCPE Village Seed [0.10.x]”

    1. It is inland, past the hill that is inland at spawn. It isn’t that far, but you won’t be able to see it from the ground level because of the hill. You have to hike inland. We recommend you fire it up in creative mode first so you can go straight to it when you play in survival…

  1. Dude I found the village but I didn’t find any stuff you said there would be. So are you guys trying to pull a scam on innocent minecraft players or what?

    1. I’m not sure what kind of a scam we would be pulling by spending a lot of time and energy sharing Minecraft seeds! But, we are sorry that you’re frustrated – that’s no fun. Can you share with us what version of Pocket Edition you are playing and on what platform (is it Android, iOS or Windows Phone) so we can try to reproduce it and figure out why it is different than what we found? Thanks, and sorry again…

    2. Harmony – just fired up the seed in 0.10.5 on iOS (iPad), went to the village blacksmith and cracked open the chest and it has exactly what we have pictured – 2 gold ingots, 3 apples, iron leggings and a couple of ink sacs. Will check back later today and see what version you’re running and see if we can reproduce it…

  2. Awesome. I found a lot of resources, gold, diamonds, and emeralds, mushroom biomes, mineshafts, and far from the spawn point on creative, I found a colored clay biome rich with gold and another village.

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