Dungeon/Monster Room w/Diamonds

Spawn: Village + Dungeon / Monster Room with Diamonds

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Spawning at a desert village is nice. Having cool biomes all around doesn’t hurt either (desert, islands, savanna…). Even better? Digging straight down and finding a dungeon/monster room.

Yep. Dig straight down from the spawn point and you’ll find some random ore. At a patch of coal, dig around two blocks in every direction from any ore you find. You’ll end up stumbling upon an abandoned mineshaft. Do some exploring and you’ll find a dungeon/monster room with diamonds in it!

There’s at least one chest in the village. The one we came across (in survival mode) had an iron chest plate, an apple, and bread in it.

When you type in the seed name, don’t forget the period (the seed is ‘meh.’ minus the quotes).

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: meh.

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29 thoughts on “Spawn: Village + Dungeon / Monster Room with Diamonds”

  1. Hi I was wondering what cole patch because there is many if them and I can’t seem to find the abandon mine shaft?

    1. Isaiah – This one should work on any 0.9.0 – 0.9.5 PE version. It is infinite, not ‘old’ type. Let us know if it works as advertised for you!

    1. Should work fine… It’s infinite. I don’t know what the mudpack might change about it. If you do use it, would you please let them know where you found the seed? And, if it doesn’t work for some reason, let us know so we know, too!

  2. I have a question,where is the abandoned mineshaft?I know where the cave is but there are lots of tunnels and they make it confusing.

    1. Phil – this one was discovered in 0.9x, so if you’re running 0.10x it probably isn’t working as advertised…

  3. Here are the names:hahaha you will spwan in a jungel and then look for melon there’s a black smith

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