Intersection of Jungle and Mesa Biomes - MCPE Seed

Mesa Meets Jungle Seed 0.9+

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Another cool mesa seed submitted by an Epic Minecraft PE Seeds regular. This is another beautiful mesa. Upon spawn you’ll find yourself where a mesa biome meets a jungle biome. Nearby you’ll find the ocean, too as well as the river that runs through the mesa landscape.

This isn’t the ultimate ‘quick start’ seed – at least for us. We mined directly under spawn, and while we didn’t come up completely empty, we didn’t find anything more precious than coal and iron. The good news is there’s a good supply of wood and water on the surface, and if you explore, shelter and food can be found.

Minecraft PE 0.9.0+ Seed: 805697637

Thanks to Venom13 for submitting another original seed!

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11 thoughts on “Mesa Meets Jungle Seed 0.9+”

  1. There’s a swamp village infront mesa biome. It will take two days and one night to the village(mcpe’s time). Yeah, it’s sort of far away from spawn. Be sure to bring a compass along☺

    1. Follow the right side of the Mesa and there’s a village in the first plains biome you see, and a mineshaft in the caves near it. Also in that direction is an ice spikes biome, swamp biome, dark oak biome, and mega tiaga biome.

  2. Okay… go straight infront of the mesa biome. Later on, continue walking straight untill you see swamp. The village will be right there.

  3. maybe there is a mine or something ? or maybe there is something special with diamonds or something ?

  4. There’s a skeleton dungeon almost directly below spawn. With the possible exception of the gunpowder, the lot isn’t very interesting. It’s fun to take out, however.

  5. This seed is great for building houses go in the opposite direction of where you face when you spawn and theres a huge flat land on the hill also if you go right from the flat land there’s mesa bryce

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