Minecraft 1.8 Seed - Rabbits!

Mac & PC Players: NEW Minecraft 1.8 Seed Site!

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Do you play Minecraft on your computer or laptop? Well, if you do, you probably know that Minecraft 1.8 (The Bountiful Update) was released TODAY!

What you might not know is that we’ve started a new website just for the computer version of Minecraft. And, we’ve posted two great Minecraft 1.8 seeds. The site is called Epic Minecraft Seeds (just like this site, just without the ‘PE’).

One of the seeds features an amazing extreme hill with a nearby sand village and temple. The other spawns you on a rabbit inhabited plain next to a village!

We’ll keep publishing the best Pocket Edition seeds on this site. To get the best Mac/PC Minecraft Seeds visit our new sister site!

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