Minecraft PE 0.11 Seed - Dungeon Loot

Minecraft PE 0.11 Abandoned Mineshaft Swamp Seed [0.11.x]

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This Minecraft PE 0.11 Seed has a few cool features. First, when you spawn on this seed you’re standing directly above an abandoned mineshaft. Before you move, mark the block directly beneath you. When you did down at this point, you will eventually fall into an abandoned mineshaft. When you fall into the mineshaft, be careful where you mine or set a torch as the walls are unstable.

The abandoned mineshaft, tunnels and caves have several swamp-water waterfalls, a result of the surface being dominated by a large swamp biome. While exploring the abandoned mineshaft we found gold (predominantly) but also came across lapis lazuli and diamonds. There’s also plenty of iron ore as well as coal to fashion tools, weapons and armor.

Beyond the mineshaft we also came across a dungeon with a mob spawner in it. It was cranking out zombies as fast as we could kill them. Interestingly, this dungeon has a rarity – dual chests as opposed to only one. And, for a change, the chests had decent loot – an iron bucket, several iron ingots as well as gunpowder (along with the other usual chest items found in dungeons such as wheat).

Up on the surface there is a swamp village within view if you get atop the trees (and assuming your render distance is turned up). The village does not have a blacksmith, so it might not be of interest to you. If it is, we recommend playing the game in creative mode first (so you can identify which way to go for the village) before jumping into survival mode.

Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: Camp

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 2092705

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18 thoughts on “Minecraft PE 0.11 Abandoned Mineshaft Swamp Seed [0.11.x]”

  1. If you head straight out from spawn point and veer slightly left (slightly right will take you to the swamp village) there are 4 more villages. One has two blacksmith shops. If you head left you’ll find the 2nd within sight and beyond that is a desert village. Turning right from the village w/two blacksmiths will take you to another that also has a blacksmith shop (with pickax in chest). The last one is not far, but you can’t see it.

  2. You are not going to believe this but I found 9 villages in this seed alone. With the help of previous commenters, I found there villages and from spawn point, if you head right, not left, you come across two villages very close to each other and then another one next to a huge overhang!!!

  3. I want to add that there is a dungeon under the well of desert village. Fortunately there are many chests with good loots.

  4. This is the best seed ever! The mineshaft is in the bigger village.The seed is Camp. Yes you have to add the capital in Camp. Thx for telling me where the villages were or else I would never have found them.

  5. u just dig down straight and when u see so much gravel,there should be a hole that leads to the mineshaaft

  6. If you dig far down in 0.14.0 you get in a mineshaft. Explore and you will find alot of Redstone ore. But alot of lava is present so be careful

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