Minecraft PE 0.11x Diamond Seed: RECESS

Minecraft PE 0.11x Seed – Diamonds Under Spawn

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Looking for a Minecraft PE 0.11.x seed with diamonds? Look no further. This seed spawns you on the shore of a massive swamp. Before doing anything, mark the spot you’re at – you’ll want to dig directly under the spawn point to get to the diamonds. For your diamond mission, all you’ll need to go get immediately is wood to get your pickaxes going.

Once you have fashioned a wooden pickaxe, go back to the spawn point and dig straight down. Without digging too far you’ll come across both coal and iron. Get what you need for a better pick, then keep digging straight down from the original spot. The diamonds are just above bedrock. Be careful with your digging as there is lava to look out for (see the in-game screenshots below – we dug around the diamonds to show the lava).

When you spawn, off to the left of the extreme hills you see on the left side of the swamp, there is a village that has a blacksmith. In the chest are a couple of iron ingots and some food to get you started. We also dug below the well, and while we didn’t find a stronghold, we did fall into a large cavern that, upon exploration, yielded a lot of gold, iron, coal and redstone. We didn’t mine – we just saw it on the cave walls, floors and ceiling. Enjoy, and let us know what you find!

Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: RECESS

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: -1881589003

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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12 thoughts on “Minecraft PE 0.11x Seed – Diamonds Under Spawn”

  1. It actually has two villages, one is just across the river from the first. There is also a MASSIVE overhang in the extreme hills! It is amazing! It’s just near the second village.

  2. Tried to swim in lava on the seed. Lost everything. There is a bunch of caverns with iron and gold.

  3. Try this seed!
    There is a sweet mountain village with a monster spawner nearby. There is also a huge mountain with a waterfall and lava. mauder is the seed.

  4. Also has a huge cave with an abandoned mineshaft. After the village, head over to the river. Turn right and follow it down until you see a lava lake. I can’t remember/ find exactly which hole I went down, but there are a ton of openings in the area and all of them eventually lead to the mineshaft.

    1. Been exploring around and found a couple things I thought I should tell you: There is a ton of magma and water down there. Be careful. The mine can catch on fire easily. Also, it’s not one, but THREE mines all stacked on top of each other. Woo.

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