Minecraft PE 0.11x - End Portal

Minecraft PE 0.11x Stronghold Seed

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Here’s an original (brand new) seed for Minecraft PE 0.11x. This MCPE seed spawns you on the roof of a village building. There is a blacksmith, but the main attraction is beneath the village well – a stronghold. The stronghold itself seems like a rather large one. Possibly two strongholds overlapping each other.

To get to the stronghold, jump into the well and dig down once you reach the bottom. Once we fell in it took awhile to find the end portal. It was just a matter of which directions we explored first. Along the way we found a dungeon with a zombie spawner and a hall full of mushrooms. After finding the library we made our way to the end portal.

Up on the surface the spawning landscape is half desert biome and half plains biome. Enjoy the 0.11x stronghold seed – and tell us what you think. Is this two strongholds overlapping each other?

Minecraft PE 0.11.0+
Infinite Seed: FINAL

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 66898262

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64 thoughts on “Minecraft PE 0.11x Stronghold Seed”

    1. You can’t make ended eyes yet in the pocket edition. However, I hope it’s in the next update!!

    2. Your version needs to be 1.0.0+.You need one blaze powder and one ender pearl.Open the crafting table and put the blaze powder under the enderpearl to craft an eye of ender.

  1. I’m going to assume that the ender eye will be something that they’d put in with the end when they put that in an update. or at least the one before it this is just a thought

  2. Yea I wish they would add ended pearls/eyes in the next update but the 0.11.0 update is awesome though

  3. I have version 0.11.1 and I tryed old and infinate and I didn’t spawn on or near a village. It would be nice if you could maybe find a new seed for higher versions.

    Thank you,

  4. Is final the infininte seed and original seed or is or just the name and then the numbers are the seed???

  5. there are 2 seeds to get to the end portal they are
    and ther will be 2 villages go to the first one and go down the well

  6. Cool but in mine craft pe you cannot make ender eyes I really hope it is in the next update when hope together

  7. The seed was cool but how do we fix the portal/put in the other eye of ender?


  8. Where do you get the eye of ender? I watched another video and the guy had eye of enders, how is that possible?

  9. There is also a Desert Temple if you head away from the village toward the desert. It has 5 diamonds, 24 gold, 5 iron, 25 rotten flesh and 26 bones.

  10. I found two libraries. Wasn’t sure whether it was the same one as before. So I dug straight up and was a fair distance from the librar

  11. Hey this seed actually has multiple villages and blacksmiths. Head straight across the desert after spawning and you will reach a savannah village from that village head to the left across the desert and youll reach a desert village with blcksmith…ill keep exploring and drop an update with what else i find…thanks for one hell of a seed 👍👌

  12. And to get to the desert temple go to the path in front of the storage building by the spawn point. Follow the dirt path and keep going straight youll come to water that crosses to a desert biome continue straight and you’ll find the temple

  13. Update ive found 5 + villages in this seed and 4 blacksmiths…..really remarkable survival seed comment back let me know if this helps or what u find

  14. hi i am new to this but it seems awesome! thanks for all the tips in the comments section! i will use them and add on to this! also i am in update 15.0 so it may not work?

  15. I’m really good at Minecraft.My dad works for Mojang and he helps with the updates.So he can help me.Thats why I know a lot of things.

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