Minecraft PE Village Disintegrated Ground

Minecraft PE Cool 2x Village Spawn Seed

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Minecraft PE Village Seeds are always a hit. This seed we really love. When you spawn, you’re standing in view of two villages. Now, while what everyone is usually after is the token blacksmith and his loot (and we have that in this case), what we really love about this seed is how cool it is all-around.

As far as the villages go, the first village has a blacksmith. His chest loot? There’s the normal ‘average’ items like a sapling (what is a blacksmith doing with a sapling in a chest, anyway?) and bread but some better items to get your game started like the iron pickaxe and piece of armor as well as two ingots so you can fashion yourself a good sword right after getting your game started.

What really stood out to us what the unique character of the villages and the surrounding landscape. The villages themselves have pretty interesting ground that they’re built upon–there’s plenty of cave entrances and the foundations of the villager’s buildings dive underground to meet stable ground. The river that separates the two villages includes a dock that originates at the second village, shooting out across the water but not all the way to the shore where the first village is. Insofar as biomes go, village spawn includes plains, river, jungle and mountain.

Checkout the screenshots below. And, we’re sure there’s plenty more to find, so please do comment what you uncover!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: kind

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 3292052

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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28 thoughts on “Minecraft PE Cool 2x Village Spawn Seed”

    1. There’s a third village too! When you spawn in the first time turn around and go directly straight and after about 20 seconds, poof a third village!

  1. deep in the jungle and i mean deep there is a jungle temple i think. i died by walking into a lava pit before i could inspect it.

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    1. @Mia – Sorry you feel that way. There are plenty of other places to get seeds, maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for elsewhere. -Botch

  3. It is SOOOOOOOOO easy to get cookies because the jungle has cocoa beans and the village has wheat.I have over 5 stacks of them.

  4. Hi, I love the seed!
    But I did go to jungles seeds and I saw a jungle in these screenshots but you didn’t mention them.

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