Minecraft PE Seed - Emeralds x2

Minecraft PE Emerald Seed [0.10.x]

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Emeralds, and lot’s of ’em. That’s what you get with this Minecraft PE 0.10 seed. Everything you need to find the emeralds and mine them are right under foot. Enter the seed and when the game starts you’ll want to dig below you. Take a look at the game screenshots to see where we dug. It is below you, but importantly a block that won’t flood you out before you get to the emeralds!

Mark the dig block from the screenshots and go get yourself some wood. You’ll want a wooden pick and then enough sticks to make a stone, then iron pick (and maybe a sword, too). Okay, dig down. When you hit iron ore, dig around it 2 blocks in every direction. That’ll reveal coal (we dug out around the iron and some of the coal so you can see it in the screenshot). Make yourself a furnace and a stone pick (if you haven’t yet) and mine the iron. You can make your iron pick here, too.

When you’re equipped, continue digging down. When you hit iron again dig 2 blocks in every direction around it. You’ll reveal lapis lazuli as well as an entrance to a cave and tunnel system. This is where you’ll find the emeralds. When you pop into the cave, start marking your way with torches and explore the tunnels from each room you come to. In general, we moved downward as opposed to up and found 5 emerald blocks in no time!

Let us know how many emeralds you pull out! Oh, and what a great seed name, too: EVIL GENIUS!

Minecraft PE 0.10.0+
Infinite Seed: EVIL GENIUS

Minecraft PE Seed AKA: 1787661187

Minecraft PE In-Game Screenshots

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14 thoughts on “Minecraft PE Emerald Seed [0.10.x]”

  1. Hey Botch! Just wondering if you could post this seed- I think it’s fantastic. The seed is Oggie loves me, and to get to the cool extreme hills part you have to fly across the ocean. Have fun!

  2. I got an epic seed: 1234567890 It really works! You spawn on a peninsula and you’re facing the main land. There will be a cave opening on a hill on the main land. GO INTO IT!!! I played for 30 minutes and I found 30 diamonds, over 2 stacks of 64 iron, 75 gold, and 4 stacks of 64 redstone!!! Please try it!!!

  3. Ok guys so I got a little cheat cheat for you so what your gonna do is go into your mine raft pe app and hit new world you are going to hit craetive and start your world now go into your invetuty and get reds tone be lock emerald block and gold block now your going to put all three of those every were as much as you want then when your done with that ju go in and get a emerald died and what ever you want then your going to go to the main menu go the the world you were just on and hit edit then switch it to survival when you go back in there there should be a bunch of blocks your welcome

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